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  • Is there a commitment term?
    No… At this time we have decided not to have our customer's sign any type of contractual committment. You may cancel your service at any time. In the event you are leasing the external modem, we do need to get the modem and power supply back from you in good working condition, or you will be charged an unreturned equipment fee of up to $295. In addtion, if you cancel your service anytime in the middle of your billing cycle, you will not receive any refund. Your service will simply cancel upon the upcoming billing cycle.
  • How am I billed?
    All services are billed a month in advance and require “Auto Bill Pay” with either a debit or credit card. Your card information will be collected upon creating an account, and this card will be charged for the first month of service + any applicable one time fees and/or taxes/fees upon service activation/installation. You will receive an invoice via email every month.
  • Can I use my own modem?
    No, VVI uses special modems that will be installed on the outside of your home/business. These modems are configured to communicate with our radio equipment which brings the signal into your home/business.
  • Can I purchase the modem?
    Yes, Residential modems can be purchased for a 1 time charge of $395.00 + tax. Commercial modems can be purchased for a 1 time charge of $495.00 + tax. Modem comes with a 1 yr warranty.
  • What is included with my installation?
    A Standard installation consists of mounting the outdoor antenna and running a cable (up to 100’) to one computer or a router inside the home or business. Any additional or custom installation services may cost more. This includes, but is not limited to attic/under building crawl, wall fish. If you need assistance setting up your new router, we can provide that service for a 1-time charge of $30.00
  • Will you hook up all of our devices to my new internet service?
    No, your standard install consists of running Ethernet cable to 1 computer or router. Testing the system, and confirming signal. It is the customer’s responsibility to connect their devices to the internet service. VVI tech’s are installers, not networking specialists.
  • What if I need further assistance with my computer(s), other devices, or my network setup?
    VVI would be happy to refer to you someone who could assist you with any networking assistance at customer’s expense.
  • Will I have Wi-Fi capability in my home/business?
    If you would like Wireless or Wi-Fi capability, you will need to provide your own wireless router. Remember, the quality of your router will determine how well/strong the Wi-Fi signal is distributed throughout the home/business.
  • Which router do I need?
    This can be a tricky question. Things to consider when choosing a router: How many devices (computers, smart TV’s, cell phones, smart home devices, tablets, etc.) will be connected through this router? How big is the home/business? Will you be doing any live gaming or streaming? Do you have a home security service that requires the internet to function? All these are factors to determining which router is best for you. Routers come with ratings which cover all these considerations. You should try to place the router in a centralized location in order to optimize signal throughout the home/business, but in large homes, you may opt for establishing multiple Wi-Fi access points (AP’s) for better performance.
  • Does the number of devices connected to a wireless source impact the internet speed?
    Yes. The higher your bandwidth is, the more devices you’re able to connect to the system at the same time. In addition, certain activities require more bandwidth to operate correctly.
  • Is the speed guaranteed?
    No. Many factors can vary the actual bandwidth speed that the customer receives on their end, including number of devices connected to the network, the customer's devices, and the sites accessed. It is against our policy to “guarantee” a speed. (Plus it’s just impossible to do). Speed is measured at the modem, not through the customer's router.
  • Is service guaranteed?
    Neither speeds nor service are guaranteed. Service interruptions may occur as the system may need to be repaired, upgraded, balanced or maintained in the regular course of business, and this may cause periodic service interruptions.
  • *Is this service "Unlimited" data?"
    In order to protect the intergrity of the Network, there is an "Excessive Use Policy" in place which states that if you use over 1000 GB in a month, we reserve the right to charge you more for the excessive use, or ask you to create a second account. Please visit our TOS and EUP for more details.
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